Commissions & Wait List



2/15/21-3/1/21 – New job! Slowly working on all these again



~ 3k x 3k pixels


Headshot with Background
~ 3k x 3k pixels


~ 3k x 3k pixels


Fullbody with Background
~ 3k x 3k pixels


Full Illustration
~ 4k x 4k pixels
Multiple subjects
Detailed background


~ 3k, depending on stock
One subject
Any complexity

Terms & FAQ

  • Full payment is due upon delivery of “the sketch” – which is a rough draft version of the final product
    • Failure to pay will result in the piece being put up for YCH/Auction

  • Payment will be invoiced via Paypal

  • No refunds will be provided once the complete artwork is delivered

  • Artwork will be delivered in full-size through stash or dropbox

  • Full-sized artwork can be altered, colored, copied, and used at your discretion – once you buy, you own full rights
    • I reserve rights to post piece on my site or any social media to promote my artwork

  • You are allowed up to 3 “changes” to the final piece upon delivery without charge

  • I will take commissions when my status is set to “open” on this web-page

  • You can check on the status of your work through direct correspondence in discord
  • Do you only draw horses?
    • No, but it’s what I am best at. You can check out my instagram or deviantart for examples of other species and humans.

  • Do you charge extra for complex characters?
    • No, but I do blur out some details as necessary to fit the image.

  • Do I need to provide my own stock?
    • No, I have subscriptions to stock sources and will use some open-source materials.

  • Do you do art with linework?
    • Sometimes! If you prefer lined artwork or a specific style, just ask.

  • How long will it take to complete?
    • Headshots and fullbodies will take a few days, but photomanipulations and illustrations make take up to a month.

  • Do you take coding commissions?
    • Yes! Like this web-page and other coding things, just message me on discord! 

Order Form

To-Do List

  • Headshot for Ellessy
    • Almost complete
  • Fullbody with background for Erasvita
    • Almost complete 
  • Headshot for Eden
    • Confirmed! 
  • Illustration for Astralseed (Discord)
    • Confirmed! 
  • Headshot for beccazw
    • Confirmed!
  • Headshot for Camy
    • Confirmed!